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Objectives of Ilanthalir

  • To help in the education of poor and orphan children providing school and college fees, books and uniforms.
  • To provide shelter and food to the orphans
  • To render medical help to children and public.
  • To provide adult education and technical training.
  • To promote social, environmental and economic welfare of all.

Activities of Ilanthalir

  • We identify children, primarily dalits and tribal children and create centers to educate them in their respective locality.
  • We supply educational materials like books, notebooks, uniform to children besides paying their school and college fees.
  • We provide food and accommodation to the children in our Care Home and provide nourishment to school going children at the different study centres.
  • We conduct periodical medical camps in different regions and supply medical aids to needy.
  • We arrange Educational Tours to places of historical importance, worship and tourist spots to give the children proper exposure to people and places.
  • We organize monthly meetings for children and their parents to review the progress of the children in education and formation.
  • We organize Annual gatherings and regional meetings, feasts and festivals etc to socialize and mainstream them in addition to providing them space for harnessing their talents.
  • We conduct computer training and awareness programmes for the adults.
  • We cultivate in the children and their parents the habit of small savings for higher education
  • We create and manage self-help groups for parents for their spiritual and material welfare.

Our Approach

  • Identification of deserving children
  • Collecting Baseline data
  • Enrolment in Ilanthalir by adoption
  • Enrolling the child in mainstream school
  • Assigning Educator
  • Built Basic Rapport
  • Child is nurtured to respective threshold level
  • Periodic monitoring and follow up
  • Enriching with Extracurricular activities
  • Providing skill development training
  • Thrust to have a bright future
  • Holistic Formation